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We sell fully-functional and tested car parts of all makes. We ensure high quality and professional service. We sell to individual clients as well as shops and garages.
Only we provide such wide selection of parts for passenger vehicles, delivery vans and lorries of maney makes. Over 1500 tonnes of parts are available in stock at very attractive prices. All parts ordered from us you can collect from our shops in Northampton or in Wellingborough. Or if you want, we can send them by courier. All parts are carefully wrapped and secured for safe delivery.


Additionally we also provide assembly services at the location of your choice. We sell our goods in a brick-and-mortar shop in Wellingborough or at the main shipyard in Northampton. All products can also be delivered by post or courier. Our staff will advise you on the parts you should buy and will provide you any information you may need, including the manufacturers of the specific parts.
If you need high-quality parts which are fully functional and of great quality, visit our shop. If you need help selecting the right parts, our experienced mechanics will be happy to advise you.


We guarantee competitive prices and a wide range of goods!
We provide a short-term guarantee on all your purchases and you can also negotiate the price.


You can also buy any used parts at our on-line store on ebay here.