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Why choose us?

The Northampton Motor Centre is an auto-breaking and salvage company. We have many years of experience and practice, which guarantees fast and professional service. For years, we have been the leader on the market for used parts and breaking. We meet all environmental protection requirements applicable in Great Britain.


This is a fully licensed business and operate in accordance with the applicable law. With years of experience under their belt, our professional team will advise you and prepare the best offer for you. Quotations are free of charge. We also sell car parts through our store on ebay.

The cars we buy undergo quick professional appraisal. We guarantee immediate payment in the for convenient for you. We are mobile. Contact us to come and appraise the vehicle. We respect your time and respond immediately to your requests. We offer very attractive financial terms. Honesty and reliability is the basis for our business. You can trust us! We operate mainly in the Northampton-Wellingborough area, but our services are available also for clients in the entire Northamptonshire - East Midlands.


We issue vehicle dismantling certificate which is necessary to de-register the vehicle. Another service we offer is dismantling the vehicle to salvage the parts for re-use. We aell spare parts for passenger vehicles and lorries as well as used tyres.


Our offer includes:

buying and selling vehicles,
sale and assembly of motor parts purchased at our company,
garage services, car repairs and professional advice and assistance from experienced car mechanics,
recycling, sale, and fitting used or new tyres; our range includes alloy and steel wheels,
replacement of the windscreen, side and back windows. The parts will be fitted on time and as part of a professional service,
we also offer professional headlights polishing,
auto transport trailer – the vehicle can be collected from any location in England,
fast and professional service.


Why choose us?

best quality of service
professional team
modern equipment and technical facilities
orders are completed immediately
individual appraisal
reliability and professionalism
minimum of formalities
methods of payment comfortable for the client
simplified procedure